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Although the idea of slow living becomes trendier, it is hard to say we are slowing down. People eat on the run, get stuck in the traffic jams, speak on the phone and prepare coffee at the same time. This is the reason why fast food or takeaway food is so much in demand these days. We place an order and want to pick it up within minutes. Nobody wants to wait for ages.

Takeaway food does not seem to be a real thing without reliable snack food packaging solutions. A good cardboard food tray should keep up with the developing and demanding food market, thus making your product not only delicious but also distinctive among the competitors.

Even the healthy lifestyle admirers have tried the burger at least once in a while. Rich taste after which you feel super full makes this big sandwich one of the most popular foods in the world. Burger packaging didn’t play the last role here. Cardboard burger boxes have invested in this product’s success in the market.

Here are only a few good points why cardboard packaging is considered to be a champion for packing takeaway food, like burgers:

Burger cardboard box is a 100% safe way of packaging. It does not emit any harmful particles when placing hot food in it.
Cost-effective. Uncomplicated to produce, store and transport, such packaging will help businesses reduce costs.
The corrugated burger box is strong and will not slip out of your hands. Otherwise, it will be a total disaster.
Cardboard burger boxes are moist and grease resistant.
The compact size makes it easier to carry such food.
A burger cardboard box will keep your lunch or dinner warm for some time.
With printed logos on the burger boxes, it makes it possible to distinguish the brand.
Attractiveness. ‘Buy TWO, get ONE for Free’. A campaign like this will definitely catch more potential customers. It is only appropriate to print this on cardboard.

As we learned, the right packaging is a part of the customer experience and stands in the same line with the service level and food quality. It should be leak-proof, preserving food properties for a reasonable time. Convenient to use, it should be sustainable and appear with an attractive design.

Cardboard Expert has a wide range of solutions to meet all these criteria.

Our offer includes but is not limited to:

Cardboard burger boxes wholesale
Cardboard sandwich boxes
Cardboard snack trays
Cardboard chip boxes, etc.