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Desserts go to your soul, not your stomach. A brain releases endorphins after you had that delicious pistachio eclair, and your mood boosts! A very fast and cheap way to get rid of crankiness. All you need to do is to go to the nearest bakery and buy yourself some happiness. Preferably, in a charming cake packaging box. Yes, a nice package of pastry can make this experience even more delightful.

There is no better and handy way to fit such a product in the package, rather than in the bakery cardboard boxes. Such boxes are designed not only to protect and display the product properly but also to make packing and unpacking easy and convenient. If you spend too much time trying to open that box – your happy feelings might go very soon, right? We don’t want it.

A quirky pastry cardboard box is likely to catch the customer’s eye. Bakery is associated with pure childish emotions, so if the cookie packaging looks uncool, and void of imagination – who will buy it? Cardboard cake packaging is a base for creative ideas.

An eco-friendly approach is not the last thing to consider when choosing cardboard.

We, at Cardboard Expert, offer boxes for a bakery that are made from food-grade materials allowing direct contact with products. Thus, it helps eliminate unnecessary plastic parts of the packaging.
Cardboard is recyclable, and it is a great input to effective waste management. Recycled bakery boxes include but are not limited to:
Recyclable cupcake boxes
Recyclable cake boxes
Bakery packaging can have a much bigger effect than many expect – it grabs the attention of everyone who participates in the meal. Even if you are on a strict diet, you will not resist trying that cake. For one thing – its packaging looks tasty.

Here are a few awesome ideas for your packaging:

Cardboard boxes for bread can be in a shape of a baking dish. Creates a feeling that it was just taken out of the oven!
Biscuit packaging. Apply some texture to a cookie box packaging. Just like a cookie should taste nice in your mouth, a box should feel good in your hands.
Macaron Packaging. A festival of colors! If the macaron boxes will be in a shape of a rainbow – nobody will ever resist buying them.
Cardboard Expert has a large library of ready die-cutting cliches that are suitable for bakery products. This will considerably help cut costs. Also, our team offers cardboard boxes wholesale.