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Packaging for bottles made of cardboard with printing in bulk from the manufacturer – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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There is truth in wine… packaging.

Transportation of beverages is impossible without well-designed carton packaging for beverages. Due to the liquid structure, such products require a special attitude when it comes to choosing the most suitable and reliable cardboard box for bottles. It will be a problem if you receive a broken cocktail bottle instead of fine champagne.
Bottle packaging must protect the goods from damage while they move from point A to point B. To achieve this goal, special dividers are used in cardboard boxes for bottles. Such dividers are available in two different options:
– Simple dividers. This ensures that the goods will not bounce against each other. The products will still not be 100% fixed in the cardboard bottle packaging. For example – wine delivery boxes can use such dividers on the condition that they will not travel long distances.
– Complex dividers. These will fix the goods and make them very secure and tight. Such transport boxes for wine bottles can easily travel from Riga to Tokyo.

Cardboard wine boxes and stereotypes

We tend to see wine as an ancient story. The older it is – the more money we can spend on it. In the best tradition, the bottle should be made of prehistoric glass. Wine transportation by carton is wrongly considered to be storage for cheap and low quality drinks. With the modern competition in this industry – a glass container does not necessarily promise quality. If we think deeper – a cardboard wine box can beat a single solitary glass bottle on the store shelf.

– Such wine packaging is easier to store. Lighter weight and simpler shapes are always less challenging to store.
– Design possibilities. Cardboard beverage packaging has a larger surface area to implement your design ideas, compared to a label on glass. Customized cardboard wine boxes will make your brand more visible!
– It is safer. Such wine packaging boxes are less likely to be crushed during transportation.

More than a little

Cardboard bottle packaging may be sufficient for one, several, or even 10-20 bottles transported in the same box. For example, there may be 12 bottles in each cardboard wine box. To avoid challenges during transportation and cargo handling, these bottle transport boxes are specially designed to keep goods undamaged.

In cases where bottles are packed automatically, the box must be designed in a way that suits the packaging machine. Cardboard Expert has proven experience in handling such orders.