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Cardboard Packaging for Jars and Cans with Print in Bulk from Manufacturer – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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Some products should preserve their qualities within a certain time limit and cannot be stored in a simple package. Otherwise, their shelf-life will be significantly decreased. Such products include all kinds of jam, honey, canned meat and fish, beverages, etc. Cardboard Expert offers exclusive solutions to pack such fragile items.

The main function of cardboard packaging for cans and cardboard packaging for jars is to keep them safe. Additionally, it prevents from dirt, dust, and moisture getting inside. Before the product ends up on a store shelf, it goes a long way through different logistics. Because of the specific contents and the high risk of damage, manufacturers have to show extra thoughtfulness when choosing the right package.

As per transportation – shipping boxes for canning jars are the best solution to deliver the product safe and sound. Corrugated cardboard will prevent your jars from a pretty bad jam.

There will be a big party, and you went shopping. In your opinion – what would be a more convenient way to carry beverages home:

Five cardboard boxes for beer cans or thirty separate without a box?
One packaging for soda cans or six separate?
To consider saving time, it is handier to use cardboard can packaging. There are more important things to do in order to make your party awesome, rather than picking up your beer from the ground because a plastic bag could not handle it. Besides, cardboard is light-weighted, keeps its shape, and is super reliable.

Can and jar packaging usually sits on the store shelves. For the sake of attracting the customer, it has to stand out. Packaging for glass jars could create an exclusive feeling of your product if you add a touch of originality and creativity. As an example, you might add something special to your packaging for jam jars. Like, a wooden spoon.

As a manufacturer, you are willing to tell your product’s history and benefits. Thinking more on a practical – how much information can fit on a small jar? Not much. Instead, you might want to print noticeably more particulars on cardboard boxes for glass jars.

Cardboard boxes for jam jars may fit a bunch of items in them, like in shipping boxes for jars. However, you can make your product more exclusive by applying individual packaging. Yes, one item in a box makes us wonder if it is something special. Thus, such independent packaging for mason jars becomes irresistible to buy.