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A Poppin’ Box

Guess what kind of snack is described below:

Super tasty but not so unhealthy like chips
One of the favorite snacks of all time among kids and adults
Associated with watching the movies
Can be salty or sweet
Makes popping sounds when cooked in the microwave
We bet you imagined some paper boxes for POPCORN. Movie theaters are filled with this distinctive aroma and let’s confess – some of us go to eat a few popcorn cardboard boxes rather than watch a real movie. The popcorn cardboard stand is a must in every movie theater, and it has become a traditional snack when talking about such leisure activities.

However, some unexpected events like pandemics can change our behavior. When we are locked inside our houses – we watch movies on TV and go to the local store to buy some snacks. And of course, we get some boxes for popcorn, too. It is up to you whether you prefer ready-to-eat, or cook it in the microwave.

Packaging for Popcorn as a Piece of Art

Like every item on the store shelf, packaging for popcorn products has to scream: “BUY ME”! Otherwise, a potential customer will just pass by. We, at Cardboard Expert, approve: to make popcorn packaging design appealing, a few techniques should be considered.

Size. Small boxes for popcorn are more likely to be bought just because it is more convenient and handy. It’s easier to fit such a box in the shopping bag, isn’t it?
Reliability. Quality packaging should have a bottom that will not accidentally fall apart. Otherwise, you will be caught in a not very pleasant situation.
Design. Although the majority of popcorn cardboard containers are designed in a similar way (like cardboard popcorn tubs), there are still creative approach options. Printed artwork on the box might give an idea of what is the flavor inside the box.
Cardboard popcorn display as a tool for advertising. If the goods are displayed on a separate stand – it will likely attract customers.
Eco-friendly approach. Disposable boxes for popcorn will make our planet a little more waste-free.