Eco Food Packaging from Cardboard

Eco Food Packaging from Cardboard with Custom Print in Bulk from Manufacturer – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat.

People buy a lot of stuff, not always necessary for them. It has never been so easy – you could make purchases sitting on your sofa. Consumption has become some kind of obsession. Sometimes the stuff we buy just gets piled up in the next room. Is it really worth so? Is it how we take care of our planet?

All products come in boxes. As an example – humanity buys takeaways all over the world every day. If all the boxes were made of non-sustainable materials – imagine what amount of waste it would produce. Thus, sustainable food packaging solutions have never been so relevant.

Food Eco Packaging in Style

Cardboard is perfect for producing sustainable food packaging. It is made of a renewable raw material, thus leaving the ecological footprint in balance.

Recycled cardboard food packaging can be reused. Along with paper, it is the most reused product. According to the latest research by the Graz University of Technology in Austria, a carton can be reused 25 times without losing its features.
Eco-friendly food packaging promotes healthy eating habits. Earthy and natural colors influence our choice and without knowing we buy that salad, not fries.
Disposable cardboard food boxes are not only good for our planet, but they are stylish and convenient to use, too.
Recycled paper food packaging will quickly break down. Usually, it takes up to three months to completely ‘fade away’ from the Earth’s surface.

Cardboard Expert’s Proposals

Bearing in mind the importance and growing popularity of recyclable food packaging, we present techniques that could benefit your business.

Sometimes cardboard is not resilient enough to keep the packaging clean from greasy or juicy food. In such cases, it is often laminated with a thin film of plastic. Unfortunately, this makes the packaging not suitable for recycling.

We propose an option to apply a special coating that could serve as a barrier to moisture and be safe for food. Besides, the given technique is more cost-effective than a standard one.

Biodegradable food packaging has never been so advantageous!