Cardboard Boxes with Windows

Cardboard Boxes with Window with Custom Print in Bulk from Manufacturer – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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A potential customer is never willing to buy a product without seeing it. Who would? We want to touch, smell, and if possible – taste the goods before reaching for a wallet. The stores solve this problem by exposing the samples – but is this always the best solution? Cardboard packaging with window gives a great visual opportunity to glance at the product before buying it.

There is no need for exposing a separate sample. Take a quick glance, grab and go!

Carton box with window clearly demonstrates what’s inside. It is an additional technique to attract customers. The more visually available the product, the more trust it inspires. Here are a few examples of a cardboard box with clear window you will unlikely pass by:

Hand-made cosmetics, e.g. soaps. An elegant way to give an idea of your product. This type of packaging is becoming more and more demanded in the cosmetics industry, as it can show off the unique primary packaging (like an unusual bottle of perfume).
Bakery. Such packaging is 100% safe for food. This can also protect your cupcakes, macarons, or muffins while transporting.
Cardboard gift boxes with window. You could include multiple items in your gift set, like tea, chocolates, or nuts. The gift recipient will be deeply touched by such a thoughtful gift!
Toys. An absolute must in this industry. Bright and loud packaging will excite kids and will not leave a chance for parents.


A cardboard box with window lid could also carry extra details about the manufacturer and/or benefits of the product. No need to order additional printouts or brochures – you can print it all on the box.

Cardboard box window can be of various sizes – from tiny to big ones. It depends on the product: could be hand-made jewelry or big knitted dolls.
These can be patched around two different sides of the box. Just decide on how ‘transparent’ you want to make your product. For example, a cake. We want to see the side of it too! Not only the nice top part.
These can also have irregular shapes, like a flower, heart, apple, etc. We leave it up to your creativity.