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Building a brand for your product is a vital component for it to be successful in the market. You can hire a huge marketing team and spend millions on advertising. But the question stands: is it really worth spending so much if the same result can be achieved applying cheaper but not less effective techniques? We talk about cardboard sleeve packaging.


The whole definition might be confusing when we talk about the box business. However, the idea of it is very simple: this is a piece of paper/cardboard that gets wrapped around the selling item. Cardboard box with sleeve is used in multiple industries, e.g. groceries, cosmetics, coffee, gift packaging, and even jeans.

Some businesses use sleeve packaging as the only part of the packaging combination that delivers the message to the customer and provides necessary information.


Cardboard sleeves with their simplicity could hold great benefits for your business. Have a look at some of them.

It’s cost-effective. Printed cardboard sleeves take less effort to make. Less effort translates into fewer amounts spent. Also remember: the less material expended, the more grateful our planet will be!
It’s universal. Cardboard sleeves can encase any product regardless of size and shape. You can start with cardboard sleeve food packaging and end with a simple sleeved mailer box to ship small items.
It’s safe. In some cases, it protects the main part of the packaging (like a gift box) from possible damage while posting. Another example is a corrugated bottle sleeve that will protect the glass from being smashed while transporting.
It’s unique. In some industries, like the packaging for soap products – this is the only part of the packaging. Soaps are made in so many colors and shapes. Not to mention heavenly smells. It would be totally unfair to hide it in the closed packaging.

Cardboard Expert Offers

Regardless of the nature of your order, our specialists are out there with a complete guide to meet all your demands. As an option, we offer:

Corrugated cardboard sleeves for products that require extra carefulness while storing and transporting. These should not necessarily be custom-made with a particular design.
Printed cardboard sleeves for goods that can tell your product’s story. A sleeved mailer box is a tasteful and affordable way for your brand to stand out.