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The cosmetics industry is accelerating its speed every year. We want to be nice-looking and healthy regardless of age, gender, and social status. Besides, the shopping experience has become so effortless! Walking to the actual shop is not necessary anymore. We shop online sitting in a comfy armchair, analyze customers’ reviews, and eventually decide on buying that expensive day cream.

Nowadays, when such a large part of sales is happening online, cosmetics packaging must keep up with the demands of the cosmetic industry. Beauty and wellness go hand in hand with cardboard boxes for cosmetics.



To understand this, let’s imagine ourselves in the buyer’s shoes. What would appeal to us when choosing, for example, some skincare product? Brand, price, composition, and… packaging. Attractive design, and a feeling of exclusivity allow a particular brand to stand out on the shelf – this is an absolute must for cosmetic products. This is how we perceive or feel the product. After the skincare packaging has ‘talked’ to us – we are ready to pay good money (at most times – unconsciously).


However, it’s not always about nice looks. Often cardboard makeup packaging requires special attention when it comes to fitting the product in a box. Any product makes its long way to the counter. Special cosmetics packaging construction is used to fixate the cosmetic product inside the box and thus eliminate the possibility of damage during transportation and merchandising. You wouldn’t be too happy to receive crushed product because of the poor cardboard eyeshadow packaging, would you?

Custom Cosmetic Packaging is Our Tomorrow

Cardboard Expert is specializing in making your ideas printed on a box. Let’s take a specific example: you want to make custom soapboxes to appeal to your customer base. Plastic bags are not enough nowadays, right? There are multiple approaches to making your soap packaging exclusive.

Shape: from rectangular to pentagonal – whatever you see is more charming
Construction: as an example – cosmetic boxes with sliding drawers look more sophisticated
Color: soap is usually associated with something natural and sustainable. The choice of earthy colors might be perfect for your soapboxes
Transparency: cardboard boxes for cosmetics that allow glancing at the product inside
Texture: it will make your custom cosmetic boxes win over the competitors


The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is more than old-fashioned in our modern world. We believe that cardboard cosmetic packaging serves more purposes than just protecting its content from damage. It has to communicate a proper brand message and make the customer come back. Preferably, with a friend.

We think about the environment, too. The Cardboard Expert team takes measures to make your packaging eco-friendly. We substitute plastic with other approaches (where possible).​​​​​​​