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It’s Time to Bear Fruit

We are what we read. Not exactly. We are what we EAT. No wonder humanity suffers from obesity if all we eat is hamburgers for lunch and fries for dinner. OK, such food can be delicious, too. Not every day, though.

Our ancestors didn’t know what fast food is. They didn’t even know what stores are. All they did was gather and hunt. Their bodies were fit and sturdy. Every modern athlete would envy such great shape.

Supermarkets’ shelves are stacked with processed food today. The only hope remains: fruit and vegetable carton boxes are so accessible regardless of the climate you live in. With the increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle, the demand for nutritious food is rising. This means, you somehow need to transport fruits and vegetables from the areas they’re growing into the store.

Cardboard packaging trays come as a great help here.

Cardboard Tray Packaging is a Facilitator

To your healthy and long life, of course. A cardboard basket can hold kilos of fruits and vegetables. Such corrugated carton trays can be stackable, as this is how such products are normally transported.

Let’s learn what exactly are the PROS of a cardboard tray box?

Cardboard trays with dividers prevent ripe peaches from turning into a mash.
Materials choice has to be addressed with care as very often carton fruit boxes should be moisture resistant.
Cardboard trays wholesale reduces costs.
Convenience is the key. Cardboard trays with handles are super handy.
Design is sometimes also important for this type of packaging as carton trays are used not only on the field but also at the point of sale.
Cardboard punnets can be delivered in a flat format which makes logistics much more pleasant.
Banana is the most eatable fruit in the world, which makes production volumes impressive. Banana carton boxes won’t harm our planet as much as plastic alternatives.

Cardboard Expert offers carton fruit boxes for sale (vegetable boxes, too). Our team produces corrugated trays wholesale and takes into account every tiny detail that you are willing to highlight in your order.