Large Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Large Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for Heavy Duty Shipping in Bulk by Manufacturer – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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A Big Deal
Not all stuff goes in small or medium packaging. It is possible to disassemble furniture into smaller pieces. Is it workable with a refrigerator, though? Not really.

There are overweight items that people regularly buy for their households or businesses. Such goods are heavy, usually expensive, and are easily damaged while transporting. In this case, the packaging issue becomes primary. Extra-large heavy duty cardboard boxes help solve this issue.

What is Packed in Large Paper Boxes?

A large carton box is a real rescue for fitting in the overweight goods. Just think of what XXL packing boxes can withstand:

Piano or any other keyboard musical instrument.
Large cardboard boxes for packing can even store the vehicles.
Washing machines and driers.
Sanitary ware can comfortably sit in large heavy duty cardboard boxes.
Refrigeration units are impossible to transport without pallet size cardboard boxes.
As seen from this list, these goods have a great value. A tiny mistake or carelessness in transportation and storing could cause damage and loss. This is not exactly what businesses are trying to achieve.

Sturdy Properties

When we talk about extra large packing boxes – what are the first associations of features that come to mind? What properties make a pallet carton box perfect?

Strength. This is the primary attribute to manage heavy-weight goods. For extra strength, special staples can be used to ensure that connection and gluing places are reliable.
Freedom in choice of construction. Heavy items could often have non-standard shapes. Large packing boxes can have different construction types – with or without lid, double wall or even triple wall, elements of construction reinforcement, etc. By the way, an extra large cardboard box with lid could also serve a decorative purpose.
Sturdiness. Kraft (virgin) material is used to produce pallet cardboard sheets. The reason is that it has better technical properties than a recycled one.
Customization. Heavy duty cardboard pallet boxes can be fancier than you think. By applying a bit of creativity you could turn boring brown packages into smart large white cardboard boxes with some funny design on them.

Cardboard Expert Offers

Production of large corrugated cardboard sheets requires special equipment and skills. Our team possesses both. We guarantee an individual approach to every order requirement. High-quality results will be delivered in the most reasonable timeframes.