Cardboard Dividers and Separators

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes with Dividers to Separate and Protect Goods in Shipping – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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Divide and Conquer

It is not easy to transport fragile goods. For example, drinks like wine, beer, or any other beverages in glass bottles or cans. There is a high risk of turning the inside of the box into a smashed catastrophe if all the details were not thought through. Compartment cardboard boxes are a real discovery for shifting delicate items. Dividers and separators make sure that the pieces don’t damage one another during logistics.

What Are Cardboard Box Dividers?

As a rule, these are produced from a resilient material. Such compartments or paper box dividers fit in the pack forming the so-called grid. Cell dividers for cardboard boxes ensure each item sits tight and upright and does not ‘bother the neighbor’.

Corrugated dividers have proven their efficiency in transporting different types of goods. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so popular and widely used. Cardboard dividers for packaging can be a great help in many ways:

It is cost-effective. By using shipping box dividers you can cut costs on packaging. One box is needed for several items and the price of the dividers is relatively low.
It is a reliable way of fitting more than a dozen eggs in one basket. A cardboard box with 24 compartments will easily withstand a lot of weight. 24 bottles of fine champagne will surely survive tough logistics.
Cardboard spacers for packaging are die-cut. It means the Cardboard Expert team can make them precisely per your order specification and will 100% suit your product and protect it in the best way possible.
It is not always the case when the same type of goods fit into one packaging. Unlike kinds of items sit together, too. Sometimes those items are very much eatable. Not to mix flavors, such dividers are a must.

Fancy Cardboard Box With Separators

We are used to thinking cardboard boxes with compartments are used for transporting bottles, dishware, or anything fragile. It is not always true. With modern marketing strategies, such packaging gains its popularity in many other industries.

Confectionery. Chocolates with various toppings need extra protection for the sake of not mixing flavors. Besides, such compartments could be a great eye-catcher. Especially, if the pack will have a transparent window.
Interior design. Cardboard separator sheets are created for those who like their house in order. Organizing small things has never been more convenient.
Fruits and vegetables. Cardboard trays with dividers will safely transport such goods. The dividers are safe food and will not poison your exotic fruit. Only if this exotic yummy is not poisonous itself.
Gifts and souvenirs. A nicely decorated gift box could contain more than one gift. What a pleasant user experience for the one who receives such a present.

​​A Few Ideas

Whether you start your business or you just fancy creative ideas, these mind-blowing examples of successful packaging with dividers could be your today’s incentive.

Play with geometry and make your packaging for cookies smart and folding.
Your chocolates could be made in the shape of oil paints and fit in a nice palette.
Pistachios could be eaten even in public spaces if the problem of utilizing the husk would be solved. Why not make the packaging with a separate compartment where the husk could be thrown away immediately after eating the pistachio?
Six servings of Italian spaghetti. Precise dosage for every time you crave pasta.