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When we mention the UN (United Nations), there is an immediate association with some political sessions and forums. However, it is not always so straightforward. The UN is the body issuing codifications in plentiful areas. There are strict statutes that define the UN Approved Packaging or ADR (abbreviation from French which stands for a carriage of dangerous or hazardous goods in packages).

What is ADR and UN-certified packaging?

Let’s put it in simpler terms. ADR are UN-certified corrugated boxes meant for potentially unsafe item transit. This is the UN corrugated cardboard packaging that is specifically designed and certified according to ADR requisites. It is a legal way to avoid any troubles connected with such complex logistics.

What Can Be Put in Dangerous Goods Box?

Dangerous goods cardboard boxes serve one single purpose: safe transporting of goods that can potentially harm the environment in case the logistics failed. There are good reasons for having a detailed codification of hazardous goods and packaging requisites.

A few examples of what UN rated cardboard boxes could safely fit in:

Explosive substances. UN-approved boxes could contain pyrotechnics, i.e. fireworks.
Firearms and ammunition. UN cardboard boxes ensure such items do not get loose or exposed while transported.
Chemical substances (not liquid). This also includes household chemicals for shifting in UN cartons.
All UN-approved cardboard boxes undergo regular tests and officially follow the UN-issued governance. It makes UN-certified cardboard boxes appropriate for high-risk product packaging.

​​​​​What is 4G?

If you see the 4G classification on UN-approved fibreboard boxes, it suggests that the double-wall/extra resilient carton is applied to ship hazardous items. Dangerous goods boxes 4G ensure safe shipment by all possible means of transportation.

We, at Cardboard Expert, produce dangerous goods packaging for sale. If you need a piece of advice on which kind of dangerous goods UN box should be used for your product, please apply for a consultation with our specialist.