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Why does little go a long way?

Let’s look around the house. Apart from big furniture, we will notice that we are surrounded by little things, like dishes, some décor, or workshop instruments. In case of moving – all these household stuff would need to be packed in small packaging boxes.

If we go to any shop and pay extra attention to goods that stand on the shelves – what will we see? Most probably – small cardboard display boxes. Small cardboard packaging is an integral part of retail sales efforts. A great variety of goods could be fit in such packaging:

Cosmetics. Given the nature and sizes of the products, it’s probably the number one industry that utilizes this kind of packaging.
Sweets and chocolateries. 100% safe for food, it is convenient and reliable.
Gifts. Small kraft paper boxes would be a great choice to create a positive user experience.
Electronics. Small cardboard packing boxes can protect these sometimes-expensive items.
If you worry that you might get overwhelmed with this amount of cardboard gift boxes or any others – there is always a chance to use a large box for storing mini packs.

Despite the size, small cardboard boxes for packing have a good deal of advantages over plastic, glass, wood, or other packaging alternatives. It has a growing and well-deserved popularity, as it corresponds to modern packaging requirements.

Lightweight. Lighter could be polyethylene film, but it doesn’t provide such good protection as let’s say, corrugated cardboard.
High strength. Resistant to kicks and punches, it will preserve its shape. It has great cushioning features.
Wide range. Custom packaging for small businesses: there are multiple options related to design, construction, and overall appearance that can be implemented particularly for your product.
Utility. Nice and small cardboard boxes with lids can be perfectly re-used for other purposes, for example – as storage for tiny pins.
Originality. Small cardboard gift boxes with unusual designs can pleasantly surprise the recipient. If your present contains something that flies out – small cardboard gift boxes with lids are a great solution.
Visual tool. For the purpose to attract a customer in the store, small cardboard presentation boxes are widely used.
Eco-friendly. It is completely recyclable and doesn’t leave an ecological footprint compared to plastic.
Last but not least – it’s cost-effective. The availability of raw materials and lightweight makes it easier to produce, transport, and store such type of packaging.

Cardboard Expert offers small cardboard boxes for sale. Our team carries out many technical ways of highlighting your packaging and putting it in front of the competition:

UV varnish
Hot foil
Laminating, etc.

We are happy to accept your orders taking into consideration all your wills and requirements. Thus, a perfect end result will be achieved.