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Goods and packaging are inseparable terms. Custom made carton box is the product’s ‘face’ and image. It is not always possible to touch or taste the stuff we want to buy. Given that, a potential customer fully trusts the personalized cardboard packaging. The level of its attractiveness will influence our shopping behavior.

Let’s take a single example. You are looking for toothpaste. There is plenty of choice on the store shelf. Some are packed into custom carton boxes with no design on it, just the name. On the contrary, some immediately attract attention because of the bright design and catchy phrases.

Bespoke cardboard packaging production requires considerable preparatory effort – starting with the construction and design and up to a well-planned production procedure. Printing and applying other visual effects are often used for custom printed corrugated boxes.

As we learned, custom corrugated boxes are a valuable marketing tool. Brands significantly benefit from it. The perfect packaging strategy doesn’t only work on over-occupied supermarket shelves. It has its influence on online marketing, too. Custom made shipping boxes enhance user experience. Here is why.

High-quality shipping custom boxes ensure your electronic device will be delivered safe and sound. It is disappointing to receive a damaged new phone, isn’t it?
Custom shipping boxes make the brand recognizable. You can print the company’s logo, so it is seen from far away.
Designer shipping boxes speak for themselves. Once you receive it – you will likely share your impressions with friends and family. It is a win-win situation.
Custom printed shipping box can include more useful information about the product. For example, the allergic person wants to know what exactly are the ingredients put in those nicely packed cookies.
Custom designed shipping boxes are environment friendly.
Limitless possibilities. You can even make personalized moving packaging.
Last but not least. As surprising as it might sound – custom shipping boxes will save you money. It is achieved by spending less energy in the production process compared to other packing analogs.

We, at Cardboard Expert, realize the urge and relevance of this type of packing your goods. Our team offers the finest possible solution for your business, including custom shipping boxes wholesale.