Paper Honeycomb Panels

Paper Honeycomb Panels and Fillers with Custom Sizes in Bulk from Manufacturer – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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Even though it has such a sweet name, honeycomb cardboard can withstand rather heavy pressure. Its properties can no way compare to other packaging analogs, for example – wooden containers. A light, resilient, customizable, honeycomb carton is one of the most advanced options that get chosen by various industries.

Paper honeycomb panels are products that come out as a result of the honeycomb core board lamination with the paper liner. It resembles a peculiar sandwich where in the middle of two liners a honeycomb corrugated board is placed.

The paper liners can hold different technical properties. Such dimensions as bursting strength and material grammage per square meter are applied to understand what quality of the liners is offered.

Honeycomb Paper Board: The Pros

Paper honeycomb panels are the favorites in the packaging business for a good reason. The idea was ‘borrowed’ from bees. We all know – nature is the best artist. And engineer, of course. Here are only a few grounds why honeycomb boards should be your way out.

It’s lightweight. Probably, a number one advantage. It weighs nothing compared to a wooden box and can bear a ton.
Shock absorber. Honeycomb board sheets serve as soft cushions for whatever is inside the box. Honeycomb laminated panels are often used to protect the goods from damage during logistics which is not always smooth. Corrugated cardboard void fillers will fill in the empty space inside the packaging. For such an application, rectangular panels are enough.
Folding qualities. You will not exactly be able to make an origami butterfly out of this material. However, you could easily fold a small box out of the paper honeycomb sheets.
Sustainability. This material is a good friend to our environment. If needed, the Cardboard Expert team can produce panels with a PAP21 label printed on them which means these are recyclable.
Customizable. There is an option to produce irregular-shaped panels that repeat the shape of the product. Thus, the maximum protection level will be reached. There are also options for laminating the cores with the white liner. Such panels are suitable for full-color printing and are used as POS (point of sale).

We learned how good cardboard panels are. But what are the most frequent items that are being placed in such packaging?

Electrical devices. A washing machine or refrigerator is something that requires extra attention during transportation due to its heavyweight. Besides, it can be easily damaged if smashed against the wall. Honeycomb paper sheets can prevent such risks.
Liquid crystals displays. Super expensive items need to have protection with additional shock-absorbance properties. Honeycomb carton board successfully manages that.
Dishware or any other fragile items like glass, marble, or porcelains.
Furniture. Pieces of furniture could be made from versatile materials – like wood, glass, or stone. These should be packed in trustworthy packaging.