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Sometimes we face the trouble of packing a good few irregular-shaped items. Maybe you work as a freelance artist and sell your masterpieces online. Shipment of just a painting may not be so awkward and difficult. But what about some fragile sculpture in the shape of a deer’s head? Well, honeycomb packing material will assure the deer will not lose his antlers (or horns) during transportation.

We, at Cardboard Expert, believe that by selecting this option you could benefit to business. Here is why.

As mentioned above, the paper honeycomb packaging material is perfect for fitting in odd items. Furthermore, the technology allows producing both large and small runs of this type of packaging. Here are a few arguments why you should go for honeycomb packing without a single hesitation.

Except for irregularly-shaped items, paper honeycomb packaging protects fragile items, too. It works as a cushion and absorbs even hard impacts.
Eco-friendly honeycomb packaging meets the requirements of environmentalists who fight for planet Earth’s rights to stay clean.
Strong, lightweight, and with great folding properties, this is cost-effective, too.

Honeycomb cardboard packaging is frequently used as a filler with cutouts made to fit in a particular item. For example, a cutlery set.

Honeycomb packaging material often goes hand in hand with corrugated cardboard. How does this actually work, and what is the difference between the two?

First, the filling structure in between liners differs. A hexagonal pattern provides more resilience and less weight.
Honeycomb material can be thicker than corrugated cardboard.
Corrugated cardboard is more appropriate for performing such actions as stapling.
With such unlike properties, these two are not necessarily the competitors. They are used in combination quite frequently.