Paper Honeycomb Boxes

Paper Honeycomb Boxes in Different Sizes According to Your Need from Manufacturer – Packaging production company Cardboard Expert

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A box is just a box. Not really. Especially, when we talk about honeycomb carton box. This type of packaging is one of the most reliable ways to protect a valuable item during transportation. And not only valuable. Any item that goes through logistics, actually. Our team at Cardboard Expert believes that a successful trip of the goods starts with trustworthy packaging.

Honeycomb corrugated box is becoming increasingly popular due to its unconditional convenience. It is a great substitute for wooden and veneer crates. It is impossible to imagine delivering your TV set in a wooden container today, is it?

Over time, innovation becomes a standard. It is happening because the benefits outnumber the flaws.

Honeycomb cardboard boxes can be delivered in a disassembled, flat condition. The box can be assembled by one worker within 1-2 minutes. Easy logistics and assembly translate into lower costs.
It’s super lightweight. Who needs extra weight when the inside of the box might weigh a ton already? This type of packaging resolves this issue by being light as a feather.
Eco-friendly. The honeycomb carton is fully recyclable. You don’t need to worry about throwing it out and ordering another one. At least, the planet will thank you for not using plastic.
Protection. This material’s cushioning properties are extraordinary. You may pack a museum relic in it and be cool as a cucumber.

Anything, really. But usually, these boxes are used for transporting heavy and high-value items. For example:

Electronic devices: washing machines, computers, air conditioners;
Fragile items like baths and sinks;
Solar batteries;
Design furniture made of natural raw material like marble or glass;
Tools used in construction, etc.