Placing an order

The process of placing an order from customers for cardboard packaging includes the following steps.

• The customer provides details of the existing packaging they are already using or describes their needs for new packaging.
• Required information includes materials, dimensions, shape, design features, strength requirements, design, etc. Photos of the packaging are very helpful at this stage.

• Our specialist analyzes the data provided by the client and proposes several technical solutions.
• In case of necessity or complexity of the project, additional data from the customer may be required. In this case, our specialist contacts the customer.
• The project is transferred to the design and cost department for accurate calculation and development of suitable packaging.

• After the client has chosen the proposed solution, we can send samples of the material and the packaging itself for the agreement and confidence of our client.
• The client has the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the material, ease of use and compliance with its requirements.
• If the client is satisfied with the samples and the offered price, we proceed to the next stage.

• We discuss with the client the timing of packaging production, taking into account the required quantity and complexity of the project.
• Payment terms and other financial aspects are also agreed.
• After receiving the order and agreeing all the conditions with the client, we proceed to the production of packaging.
The entire ordering process is focused on high quality packaging, customer satisfaction and production deadlines.